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Why does the Pacific Northwest need an all female Brazilian band anyway?

  OK.... WE needed an all female brazilian band! There are all female bands in Brazil, most notably, Didá, in Salvador, Bahia, as well as a couple of all women groups in Rio.  I got to do some shows with one of them a few years back, and it got me thinking about how it was a very different experience from when I play with the regular samba schools that are mainly made up of men. True, there are women playing, but they are often relegated to the "women's" instruments; chocalho and tamborim. I have played and currently play in samba groups here in Portland for 15 years, and although I like guy energy, I felt that it could be a more mellow experience. I also wanted to do things my way for a change! I decided that NOW was the time to do it after I came back from one of my sojourns to Rio (in 2008). I talked to my friends who I'd been playing with for years in the Lions of Batucada and was quite gratified by their enthusiasm.  It's been three years and we are still having a blast playing and rehearsing with each other, putting a smile on many faces and watching the crowds let loose and dance with us.
  We are made up of all ages and interests. We've got a retiree from the Oregon Symphony, a couple of  teachers, a nurse, a high powered exec, graduate students, the artistic director of Aurora Women's Chorus, an ex-musical theater performer, dancers who play music, a just-turned 13 year old who is awesome, people who started out as musicians from childhood and people who have never played a musical instrument in their lives. We miss the people who started the band with us who aren't with us now; I'd like to acknowledge them. As I always say, once a Gata, always a Gata !
Beijos, Pauline